How To Hang Up On A Caller

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Ascendis Caller ID can hang up the phone when a particular caller calls.



To hang up on a caller, you must be using a modem, or a TAPI or Whozz Calling? device that can hang up the phone.


To Do This

1) Wait until the caller has called once, and the call appears in Ascendis Caller ID.

2) In Ascendis Caller ID, click the Calls tab so that the Call List is showing.

3) In the Call List, right-click on the call, and select "Add to Contacts".  This will open the "Edit Contact" window.

  If "Edit Contact" appears on the right-click menu instead of "Add to Contacts", select it.

4) Change "Action" to "Block" or "Block and Announce".

5) Click OK to close the window and save the changes.


Now when Ascendis Caller ID receives a call from this caller, it will hang up the phone.  The phone will still ring once or twice, since the caller information is sent between the first and second rings (in the US).