Ascendis Caller ID Multiuser (aka ACIDMU)

Ascendis Caller ID Multiuser monitors, logs, and optionally blocks phone calls.

Ascendis Caller ID Multiuser Screenshot Image

  • Supports multiple phone lines and multiple users
  • Manage incoming phone calls
    See who's calling on which line before you answer the phone
  • Stop wasting time talking to telemarketers
    Automatically hang up on callers you specify (with appropriate hardware)
  • Stop worrying about whether you missed an important call
    See who called while you were away, or get notified of phone calls by email or text message
  • Track calls, contacts, and notes in one location
    All data is stored in a single, centralized database accessible by all workstations
  • Keep control of your data
    All data is stored at your location on a computer of your choosing
  • Runs on recent versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
More Information
  • Windows 10, Windows 8 (desktop), Windows 7, Windows Vista, or
    Mac OS X version 10.7.3 (Lion) and above, or Linux with systemd
  • Java 1.7 or later (Mac OS X requires Java JDK; others just require normal Java JRE)
  • Dial-up telephone modem (not a DSL or cable modem) with caller id support or Whozz Calling? device connected to a voice phone line
  • Caller id service from your phone company
  • 300 MB disk space
Version Information