Frequently Asked Questions about Ascendis Caller ID Multiuser

Why doesn't my Whozz Calling? device block calls?
What is the update policy for ACIDMU?

Q: Why doesn't my Whozz Calling? device block calls?
A: Some Whozz Calling? devices include "Call Blocking". While this does not hang up the phone like a modem (or a person picking up the receiver and putting it back down), it does stop the phone ringing when the phone is plugged into the output jack of the Whozz Calling? device. If your Whozz Calling? device doesn't include Call Blocking, or the wiring requirement is not convenient for your installation, or you prefer ACIDMU to actually hang up the phone to block callers, ACIDMU's "helper modem" feature can help.

A "helper modem" is a plain dial-up modem (it doesn't even need caller id functionality) that ACIDMU uses to hang up the phone for a Whozz Calling? device. One modem is required for each phone line you want to hang up.

To configure a helper modem, open ACIDMU Console to the Devices page. Select the phone line (near the bottom of page) to configure. Click the "Advanced" button. Enable "Use separate modem for hangup" and select the correct serial port. Click the "OK" button, click the "Save" button on the Devices page, and restart ACIDMU Server. Now when ACIDMU needs to block a caller on the edited phone line, it will use the modem.

Be careful when connecting the modem to the phone line and configuring it. You must connect the correct physical phone line to the modem and configure the right modem on the ACIDMU device line or it could hang up the wrong phone line! This can be tricky when using two or more of the same modem on Windows since it sometimes swaps them when the computer is restarted.
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Q: What is the update policy for ACIDMU?
A: Purchasing ACIDMU entitles you to all new versions for one year from the date of purchase.
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