Importing and Exporting

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Ascendis Caller ID can Export data to XML, CSV, HTML, and text files, and can Import data from XML and CSV files.  You can export and import the calls, contacts, and actions lists.


Importing and exporting are not required for normal operation, and most users will probably never use these features.  However, you will probably need to use export if you want to:

transfer data to another program
make a backup of the data in a human readable format
move or copy a subset of the database to another computer


Similarly, you will probably need to use import if you want to:

transfer data from another program
restore a backup of the data from a human readable format
transfer a subset of the database from another computer



Data Formats


The different formats supported for importing and exporting have different uses:


Format Best For

XML Transferring data to and from other machines running Ascendis Caller ID

(but see also Backup Database and Restore Database)

CSV Transferring data to and from other programs

HTML Transferring data to other programs

Text Saving data in human readable format


While you could transfer partial data from Ascendis Caller ID to another machine running Ascendis Caller ID using CSV files, it is not recommended since CSV files do not contain all the Ascendis Caller ID data.  Rather, they contain a subset of data that other programs may be able to handle.  They do not include the unique IDs that Ascendis Caller ID uses to track each call, contact, phone number, and action.




The Export command supports four different file formats.  Select the format most appropriate for your needs.  If you want to be able to import the data back into Ascendis Caller ID at a later point, use the XML format, or use the Backup Database command to backup the entire database.


When importing or exporting, you must choose to import or export the calls, contacts, or actions list, or to export the entire database.  When exporting the entire database, XML is the only format supported.



Important Note About CSV Importing


When transferring data between machines running Ascendis Caller ID, use the Backup Database and Restore Database commands when possible.  This is the fastest way to transfer data between machines running Ascendis Caller ID.  When a database backup is not available or desirable, use the XML format.


When importing data from other sources using CSV files, please note that the information in the calls, contacts, and actions lists are interrelated.  Without the contacts list, the calls list can only show the raw name of the caller, and can not have customized actions.  Without the actions list, contacts will not be able to process their specific actions.  Because of this, it is important to import in this order:


Actions should be imported first, so that any contacts that reference them can be linked appropriately
Contacts should be imported next
Calls should be imported last


If you don't import in this order, contacts may be switched to a different action.