How To Send Mail About Each Call

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Ascendis Caller ID can send email when a call is received.



You must have a working email address.  You must know your mail server's name, your email account name, and password.

You must be connected to the internet whenever a call comes in.  This generally means you must have cable or DSL internet service.


To Do This

1) In Ascendis Caller ID, open the Options window.  (Select "Options" on the "View" menu.)

2) Click the "Mail" tab.

3) Enter your mail server's name in the "Outgoing mail server (SMTP):" box.

4) Change "Authentication" to "Simple Login", if necessary.

5) Enter your email account name in the "Account" box.

6) Enter your email account password in the "Password" box.

7) Click OK to close the window and save the changes.

8) Click the "Actions" tab in the Ascendis Caller ID main window.

9) Right-click on the "Default" action and select "Edit Action".  This will open the Edit Action window.

10) Click the "Send Mail" tab.

11) Click the "Enable" checkbox so that a checkmark appears next to it.

12) Put your email address in the "From:" box.

13) Put your destination email address in the "To:" box.  This is where the emails will be sent.  This might be your cell phone's email address, your work email address, or any valid email address.

You can enter multiple email addresses separated by semicolons.

14) Click OK to close the window and save the changes.


Now when Ascendis Caller ID receives a call, it will send an email to the address(es) specified in step 13.