How To Import Contacts from Outlook

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Ascendis Caller ID can popup the caller in Outlook.  However, if you want to see the caller's names within Ascendis Caller ID, you must transfer the contact information from Outlook.



You must have Outlook installed on your computer.


To Do This

1) In Outlook, export the contacts as a CSV file.  The procedure varies depending on the version of Outlook, but you can almost certainly find out how using a web search.  In Outlook 2010:


In Outlook, click the File tab.


Click Options.


Click Advanced.


Under Export, click Export.


Select "Export to a file", and click Next.


Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)", and click Next.


Select the "Contacts" folder, and click Next.


Browse to the desktop (or another memorable location) and name the file with a "csv" extension (perhaps "Outlook Contacts.csv"), then click Next.


Click Finish.


2) In Ascendis Caller ID, select "Import" on the "File" menu, then select "Contacts".

3) Change the file type to "CSV files".

4) Navigate to the file saved in step 1h, select it, and click Open.

5) Ascendis Caller ID will warn you that many fields will not be used.  Click Yes to import anyway.

6) Ascendis Caller ID may warn about empty or duplicate phone numbers.  Click Yes to continue importing.

7) Ascendis Caller ID may warn about other unexpected field values.  Click Yes or Yes to All to continue importing.


Note that if a contact already exists in Ascendis Caller ID, it will not be changed by the imported data.  If you want to overwrite existing contacts, hold down the CONTROL key when performing step 2.