Action List

Location: Main Window -> Actions

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Action List


The action list stores actions.  Actions define a sequence of commands that occur when someone calls.



Double-click an action to edit it.  Action editing is performed in the Edit Action window.


The grid can be altered using the common grid controls. In addition, you can type text to auto-scroll to the desired row.  Specifically, the grid will auto-scroll to the row where the typed characters match the first column.  To search using a different column, drag the column to the first position by clicking and dragging the column header.  Press the ESCAPE key to clear the typed characters.


For other options, right-click the action to display the context menu:

Main Window with actions context menu



To see the number of actions in the list, hold the cursor over the tabs.  The status bar will show the number of actions.


Ascendis Caller ID comes with a set of standard actions.