Ascendis Caller ID works with your telephone company's caller identification service to track and announce phone calls.

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  • Stop wasting time talking to telemarketers
    Automatically hang up on specific or unknown callers
  • Stop rushing to the phone for unimportant phone calls
    Hear who's calling (by speech synthesis or custom sounds) before you answer the phone
  • Stop worrying about whether you missed an important call
    See who called while you were away, or get notified of phone calls by email. You can even monitor phone calls at home from work, or vice-versa!
  • Stop wasting money on modems for every computer in your home or office
    See who's calling from any computer on a network, as long as one computer has a modem

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  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 (desktop), Windows 7
  • Dial-up telephone modem (not a DSL or cable modem) or a TAPI device with caller id support or a Whozz Calling? device or a CTI Comet device
  • Voice phone line
  • Caller id service from your phone company
  • 300 MB disk space
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Reasons to Buy Now!
  • No startup screen
  • No missed calls when trial runs out
  • Free email and forum support
  • Free minor updates
  • Ascendis Caller ID license is permanent and includes one year of free product upgrades from the purchase date, even major upgrades

Oh and by the way you have the best customer service of any company I have dealt with. Thanks, Terry W.

I am the IT Manager for our local 911 center. We needed a program that can consistently and accurately monitor several of our non critical admin lines and you guys nailed it. After trying several other programs we found Ascendis Caller ID and it does what is promised and it does it 24x7 / 365 days a year. This program has been instrumental in troubleshooting and has saved us quite a few times!!!! I can't say enough good things about the program and support! We look forward to upgrading to the new release and would recommend this program to anyone!!!! Sincerely, Derek Black I.T. Manager

I purchased your software several months ago. I am writing to thank you for this FANTASTIC application! It has been a godsend since the government DoNotCall list and our local telephone call blocking is nothing but a cruel joke! I have been receiving calls from an outfit called Portfolio Recovery and starting two days ago something called Oradell NJ. After checking the numbers, I found out they are some kind of collection agency for govt student loans. I've notified them that I have NEVER had a student loan (I'm 65) with the government and whomever they are looking for doesn't live here ...yet Portfolio still calls (sometimes twice a day) every day! Now, as I mentioned, Oradell NJ is starting to call looking for someone I've never heard of. When one mixes in the numerous telemarketer calls, my life would be a total nightmare! But glad to say that Ascendis caller ID software blocks them all. The best feature is blocking by names (pattern) because Portfolio Recovery has been using different [telephone numbers]. Very sincerely, Don Scott

I love Ascendis, it has allowed me to track my calls and do honest billing, always. I could not run my consulting business without it (and do quote me). - Krispin Sullivan

I wanted to thank you for an excellent product. It is one of about 6 network caller id programs that I tried and is the only one that worked consistently well on my home network. I tried it for about a week before I bought it. It is the only caller id software that worked for me right "out-of-the-box." Thanks again, Robert Hamilton

This is the by far the most well designed and functional application for calling line id that I have seen on the market. - Paul Strand

You people have the best caller ID program I have ever seen. I have tried a lot of other programs and none even come close to yours ! If people really knew how well it works you could charge even more !! Regards and thanks, Robert L. Roemisch

I have been using this program for a long time now.  It is by far the best Caller ID program out there.  I know that you are always updating the program. I appreciate that.  - Rich Klema

ALLLL RIGHT!!!!!  Now I have my Caller ID, that I've come to know and love, back again.  I doubt if I've ever received this level of customer assistance from any software supplier before--and I'm an old guy who's been in the computer game since we loaded programs with punched cards.  Thanks again, Charlie Keator

Great program!  I evaluated about 10 different Caller ID programs before I found this one and this is by far the best I've seen.  - Corey Turner

Great software! You would love to see how we are using it. Our 10,000 sq ft house has 32 pairs of speakers throughout. When someone calls, the stereo, tv, dvd, or other source mutes and the call is announced everywhere even outside. After the announcement is finished the previous source resumes. Thanks for the cool addition to our computer driven smart home. - John Hentrich

I like the way the window comes to the front when a call comes through.  It has so many more features than [competitor] (guess that's why it's a little more expensive).  Also when I need help, you've always been great about responding.  I think I've tried about 8 - 10 caller ID programs over the years, and this has to be the best I've found yet.  - David Warren