Upgrading Ascendis Caller ID

Ascendis Caller ID 3 was released October 14, 2011. This major upgrade is a free upgrade for some users, and a paid upgrade for others.

Should I Upgrade?
Ascendis Caller ID 3 includes many changes from version 2. The online help includes a list of changes from version 2.3 to version 3.
Ascendis Caller ID 3 includes major changes from version 1. The online help includes a list of changes from version 1 to 2 and a list of changes from version 2.3 to version 3. In addition, the sample screenshots illustrate some differences.

When deciding whether to upgrade, please consider:
  • Ascendis Caller ID version 3 now requires Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. Users running older versions of Windows should not upgrade.
  • Ascendis Caller ID version 3 uses more memory, and will not perform as speedily on computers with processors running slower than 1 GHz.
  • Ascendis Caller ID version 3 stores more data in its database, and therefore uses more disk space than version 1. One version 3 database we use with 21,500 calls requires just over 1 GB of disk space. However, if you exclude the pictures from the calls report, the disk space required drops to below 100 MB.
  • Ascendis Caller ID 3 can be installed on the same computer as version 2 and version 1 as long as it meets the requirements mentioned above. It will offer to import previous version settings and database when first run. All calls, contacts, actions and locations (and callers and categories from version 1) will be retained.
    We recommend not using older versions once the new one is installed since it is confusing, and running multiple versions at the same time can cause problems when using devices that only allow access from one program at a time, and when using Ascendis Caller ID as a server.
  • Ascendis Caller ID 3 can communicate with version 1 and 2 clients, although the clients will not gain any functionality added to version 3.
  • Ascendis Caller ID 3 supports all phone hardware supported in previous versions, assuming proper drivers are available.
  • Ascendis Caller ID 3 does not support any versions of ACT!.
Free Upgrades
Our standard policy for major upgrades is to provide them at no cost for customers who purchased up to one year before the release. For version 3 we extended the free upgrade period to all customers who purchased on or after May 1, 2010.

Customers who fall into the free upgrade period can request a free activation code. When the activation code is received, download and install Ascendis Caller ID version 3.

Registration files from Ascendis Caller ID 1 and 2 are not compatible with the activation codes used in Ascendis Caller ID 3.
Paid Upgrades -- Coupon Codes
Existing Ascendis Caller ID customers who are not eligible for the free upgrade can save 70% off the posted price! To take advantage of the discount, please provide your custom coupon code below. Your coupon code consists of:
  • The email address used for your previous Ascendis Caller ID purchase,
  • a minus sign ('-'), and
  • your Ascendis Caller ID 9-digit serial number (with all leading zeroes)

The email address and 9-digit serial number can be found in the Registration Manager or Technical Support Report (both on the Help menu) for users running relatively recent versions of Ascendis Caller ID, or in the registration file sent after purchase. The serial number is also available in the About box (on the Help menu).

  • johndoe@aol.com-00000001
  • matt972@yahoo.com-000070927

Coupon notes:
  • The coupon code is not case sensitive.
  • All 9 digits of the serial number must be included.
  • Coupon codes will only work once, so don't share them.
  • Your coupon code will work for any single or multi-line purchase of Ascendis Caller ID. Add one or more phone lines and save 70% on each one!

Please note that you must decide how many phone lines you will use when you purchase the new version of Ascendis Caller ID. You cannot add support for additional phone lines after purchase.

Upgrade Coupon: