Upgrading Ascendis Caller ID

Ascendis Caller ID 4 was released April 20, 2021. This major upgrade is a free upgrade for some users, and a paid upgrade for others.

New Features/Options/Commands
  • added new version checker -- by default this happens once a week but it can be disabled or configured (Help menu, "Check for Updates")
  • added Junk button and context menu items (Calls and Calls Report). These support junking by number and by name when appropriate. To access junking by name from the junk button, right-click it. Note that common CID names like "Out of Area", "Private", etc cannot be junked by name this way.
  • added command to restore the initial database (Tools menu)
  • added commands to save and load call reports (see Calls Report context menu)
  • added "Open call window for each call" notification option
  • added command to Calls list context menu (access with right-click on Calls list) to only show new items in the calls list (you can change the "new" status on the same menu)
  • Options window, Speech page: added setting for speech audio output device
  • added Call Frequency report (on View menu)
  • added Test Action button to item toolbar

Should I Upgrade?
Ascendis Caller ID 4 includes many changes from version 3. The most important changes are listed above.
For more, see the online help.
The comprehensive change history includes a list of changes for all production releases.
In addition, the sample screenshots may illustrate some differences.

When deciding whether to upgrade, please consider:
  • Ascendis Caller ID version 4 now requires Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8. It should run on Windows 7, but Microsoft no longer supports this version of Windows and compatibility is not guaranteed. Users running older versions of Windows should not upgrade.
  • Ascendis Caller ID version 4 uses about the same system resources as version 3, and may be faster in some cases.

  • Ascendis Caller ID 4 will remove Ascendis Caller ID 3, if found, during install, after a confirmation. It will retain version 3 data and settings and offer to import them when first run. When importing from version 3, all calls, contacts, actions and locations will be retained.
  • Ascendis Caller ID 4 can communicate with version 3 clients but we recommend upgrading all clients to version 4 as future compatibility is not guaranteed.
  • Ascendis Caller ID 4 supports all phone hardware supported in previous versions, assuming proper drivers are available.
  • Ascendis Caller ID 4 does not support any versions of ACT!.
  • Ascendis Caller ID 4 does not support recent versions of Tivo software.

Free Upgrades
Our standard policy for upgrades is to provide them at no cost for customers who purchased up to one year before the release. The installer will inform you whether your existing activation code will work with the version being installed.

Registration files from Ascendis Caller ID 1 and 2 are not compatible with the activation codes used in Ascendis Caller ID 4.

Existing Ascendis Caller ID 3 customers who purchased more than a year before the current release can save 50% off the cost of a new purchase. To take advantage of the discount, please submit a customer service request including:
  • An indication that you would like an upgrade discount
  • The email address used for the purchase you're upgrading
  • The activation code you're upgrading

  • It's usually easiest to copy and paste your email address from your previous Ascendis Caller ID purchase email.
  • It's usually easiest to copy and paste the activation code from your previous Ascendis Caller ID purchase email, or from a Technical Support Report (on the Ascendis Caller ID Help menu).
  • All 25 digits of the activation code must be provided, including the intervening dashes.
  • Activation codes will only work once for an upgrade discount, so don't share them.
  • Your discount will work for any single-line or multi-line purchase of Ascendis Caller ID. Add one or more phone lines and save 50% on each one!

Please note that you must decide how many phone lines you will use when you purchase the new version of Ascendis Caller ID. You cannot add support for additional phone lines after purchase.

Submit your upgrade request