Restore Modem Settings

Location: Help Menu -> Diagnostics -> Restore Modem Settings -> <modem name>

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This restores the settings for the selected modem to the state before the first modem repair. This will undo all changes that Ascendis Caller ID has made to the modem configuration.


You must confirm the repair to proceed:

Restore Modem Settings - Confirm


If you repair the modem, you will be prompted to restart the computer so that Windows will recognize the changes.



An alternate method for restoring the modem to its original configuration is to uninstall and reinstall the modem in Windows.  This can be accomplished in Windows' "Phone and Modem Options" control panel:

1) Open the "Phone and Modem Options" control panel

2) Select the "Modem" page

3) Select the modem

4) Click the "Remove" button and follow the prompts to uninstall the modem

5) Click the "Add" button and follow the prompts to reinstall the modem