Network Status Window (Log)

Location: View Menu -> Network Status

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Network Status Window (Log)


This window displays messages pertaining to network connections between Ascendis Caller ID and other programs or computers.



Opens the Network Logging Options window.

Wrap lines

Determines whether the lines in the log are wrapped to fit the width of the window.  If not wrapped, a horizontal scroll bar will appear, when needed, to scroll the rest of the line(s) into view.


Prevents new messages from being added to the log.  This is useful when examining the log, as new messages cause the log to scroll to the end.  When Pause is turned off, any messages received while it was on are added to the log.


Closes the window.


Copies the selected parts of the log, or the entire log, to the clipboard.


Clears the log.


Brings up this help window.



The status bar at the bottom of the window shows additional information:


Shows the number of network connections Ascendis Caller ID has open at this moment.  This includes client and server connections.


Shows the number of bytes sent over the network.  Data is mainly sent to clients, although small amounts of data are sent to servers.  This does not include data sent to TiVo or web clients.


Shows the number of bytes received over the network.  Data is mainly received from servers, although small amounts of data are sent to clients.  This does not include data received from TiVo or web clients.



The title of this window changes depending on whether Ascendis Caller ID is running as a client, server, neither, or both.


This window can be viewed by using the "Network Status" item on the View menu.