Missed Calls

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Missed Calls


The Missed Calls window makes it easy to find calls that have not been answered.  It works under the assumption that if the last call with a contact was an incoming call and was very short, the call was missed.  It will be less useful for devices like modems that do not track outgoing calls.


Incoming Call Lines

Select "All" to check calls received on all phone lines.  Select "Selected" to specify specific phone lines.

Call Began

Select "Anytime" to examine all calls; select "Last" to specify a time period.

Max Incoming Call Duration

Determines how short an incoming call must be to be considered missed.  Specify a value long enough cover the phone ringing and your answering machine answering, but shorter than your typical answered call.  No value will be perfect, so try for an optimal value.

Build Report

Press this button to save the current settings and build the report.

Auto Build

If checked and the window is open, the report will be rebuilt every time a call is received.  For large databases with frequent calls, this will probably be prohibitively slow.


Brings up a print preview window from which the report may be printed.



Note: Settings are not saved until "Build Report" is pressed.


Once the report is built, it will be displayed in the grid.  Most typical grid functions are available.