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Item Toolbar with captions


The item toolbar provides easy access to commands for the selected list item.  The items on the toolbar vary depending on the list, and the items selected.  Click any button below to go to the relevant help topic.



The following buttons can appear on the toolbar when the call list is showing:

Edit Call Notes toolbar button Edit Contact toolbar button Add to Contacts toolbar button Edit Action Button Dial Phone Button Find Calls toolbar button



The call report uses the same buttons as the call list, with the addition of:

Rebuild Calls report toolbar button



The contact list may include the following buttons:

Edit Contact toolbar button New Contact toolbar button Edit Action Button Dial Phone Button Find Contacts toolbar button



The following buttons appear when the action list is visible:

New Action toolbar button Edit Action toolbar button Find Actions toolbar button



The item toolbar can also be shown without captions:

Item Toolbar



Right-click on a toolbar to bring up the toolbar context menu.