Repair Modem Window

Location: Help Menu -> Diagnostics -> Repair Modem -> <modem name>

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Test Modem Window


This window lets you test and possibly repair your modem.


Note: When we refer to repairing your modem, we actually mean the modem configuration, not the physical modem itself.  The modem configuration is used by TAPI and is not used when accessing modems in non-TAPI mode.  In other words, if you only intend to access your modem in non-TAPI mode, there is no point in repairing it.  (You can tell Ascendis Caller ID whether to access your modem using TAPI in the Device Properties window.)


The window has several parts:

A status pane at the top, which includes Status, Instructions, and Results
A message pane, which displays information about the process
An optional modem log pane, which displays communications with the modem.  This is only visible if the More button has been pressed.
A button area at the bottom


The status pane components:

Status shows what the test is doing or waiting for.  Note that this is the status of the test, not of the modem.  So, if the status is "Completed successfully -- all caller information received!", this means that the test completed successfully, and it received the expected caller information.  This is good news, but your modem configuration could still need repair.
Instructions tells you how to proceed
Results shows what the test has determined.  If the test completed, this should be "Modem is correctly configured", or "Modem configuration needs repair".


The buttons in the button area:

More is used to display the modem log pane.  When the modem log pane is visible, the button will be replaced with the Less button.
Less is used to hide the modem log pane.  It is only visible when the modem log pane is visible.
Repair is used to repair the modem configuration.  It is only enabled when the modem test has determined that the modem configuration needs repair.
OK is used to close the window.  It is only enabled when the test has completed, successfully or not, or the test has been canceled using the Cancel button.
Cancel is used to cancel the test.  It does not close the window, but when the test is canceled the OK button will be enabled for closing the window.
Help displays this topic




When opened, the Repair Modem window connects to your modem and tries to determine the command it uses to enable caller id.  It may be unable to communicate with some modems that may still work with Ascendis Caller ID.


Once the command is found, caller id is enabled on the modem, and the window will appear something like the above image.  At this point it is waiting for a phone call.  Call your phone from another line or have a friend call you.  If everything is working correctly, when the phone call ends you should see something like this:


Test Modem Window - no repair needed


You don't need to read the details in the memo field which explain what configuration items were checked.  The important part is the "Results" line above it which says:

Modem is correctly configured


Also note that the "Repair" button is not enabled, so you are not given the opportunity to fix the modem.




If, instead, you see something like this:


Test Modem Window - repair needed


Then the modem needs repair.  You don't have to read the details in the memo field which explain what configuration problems were found.  The important part is the "Results" line above it which says:

Modem configuration needs repair


Note that the "Repair" button is enabled.


To have Ascendis Caller ID try to fix the modem, click the Repair button.  You will be warned that this could "break" the modem by incorrectly changing the configuration.  While this is a real possibility, no problems have been reported and you can always restore the modem configuration from the backup automatically made before attempting the repair.  You can also uninstall and reinstall your modem to restore the configuration to its previous state.  If you choose to proceed and the repair goes as expected, you will be prompted to restart the computer.  This is needed so that Windows will use the modified configuration.




If you see something like this:

The modem did not accept any of the known caller id commands


Then the modem does not support caller id, or it has a very unusual command to enable caller id.  Unless you have access to documentation which indicates that the modem supports caller id and gives the command to enable it, and the command is not one that Ascendis Caller ID already tried (use the More button to check), then start looking for another modem!  Our Modem page provides information about modems known to work with (or not work with) Ascendis Caller ID.