Edit Action (Easy Action, Hang Up)

Location: Action List Context Menu -> Edit Action

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Edit Action - Easy (Hang Up)


Use this window to change the commands performed when a contact assigned to this action calls.


Action Name

The name you will use when referring to this action in other parts of the program

Action Type

Determines what happens when this action is invoked:


No action is performed


The specified easy actions are performed

The advanced script is run




In the case displayed above Action Type is set to Easy so the following options are available:

Hang Up

Hangs up the phone

Play Sound

Plays the specified sound when the action is invoked.  Click the browse button to navigate to the wave file to play, or type the complete pathname in manually.

Run Program

Runs the specified program when the action is invoked. Click the browse button to navigate to the program to run, or type the complete pathname in manually.  You can optionally specify a single argument for the program.

Send Mail

Send an email message. You must set the mail options in the Options window first. The From: field specifies the message originator.  The To: field species the recipients.  Separate multiple recipients with semicolons.  The Subject: and Message: fields specify the subject and message, respectively.


Speaks the specified text when the action is invoked.




Many of the easy action fields have a macro button next to them that looks like MacroButton.  You can click this button to insert a macro into the associated field.  The macro is inserted at the current text position.




Saves any changes and closes the window


Closes the window without saving any changes


Brings up this topic in Help