Bypassing TAPI

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Normally Ascendis Caller ID communicates with devices using TAPI.  This provides the most compatibility with other programs using the device, although it may not work because of modem configuration errors.  Ascendis Caller ID can also talk to modems (the most commonly used computer caller id device) directly through the serial port.  The disadvantage of this is that no other program can access the modem while Ascendis Caller ID is running.  For people with broadband internet access, this is not usually a problem.


To bypass TAPI and have Ascendis Caller ID talk directly to a modem:

Open the Options window
Click the Devices tab
Click the "Modems and TAPI" tab
Select the modem
Click Properties
In the Properties window, uncheck "Access through TAPI"
Click OK to close the Properties window
Click OK again to close the Options window
Place a test call to yourself from another phone line to verify it works