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Actions determine a sequence of commands for Ascendis Caller ID to perform.  For example, an action may speak a caller's name and send email to your cell phone.  An action can be applied to specific callers by assigning the action to the contact in the Edit Contact window.  Actions may also be applied to all callers that are not in the Contact List by selecting the action in "New incoming caller action" in the Options window.


Actions can also be used to specify actions to occur whenever the phone rings.  Normally this is done to play a sound that sounds like a phone ringing.  To use an action in this way, select the action in "Ring action" in the Options window.


Easy actions let you specify a sound to be played, a program to be run, text to be spoken, an email to be sent, whether to hang up the phone, or some combination of these. Advanced actions let you specify a script to run.