Modem compatibility and configuration issues.
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Post by BILL » Sat Dec 10, 2005 6:54 pm

I have the PCTel HSP56 Micromodem listed as the modem of choice. I have used hyperterminal to test and the string for turning on caller ID notes "OK" ("ATZ", OK; "AT#CID=1", OK) and so I suspect that the modem doesn't know it doesn't support it.

Now I understand this is a "soft" modem. So what are my options. I know hardware modems are cheap. Is that my best option, i.e. to go ahead and purchase a hardware modem (that is caller ID compat) from local tech store and install it?

Should that then allow me to try out your product.



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Post by Bill Root » Sat Dec 10, 2005 10:00 pm

Hello Bill,

When we tested the PCTel HSP56 MicroModem under Windows XP we had to get the PCTel modem driver from the Conexant web site in order to get it to report caller information. You may also be able to get yours working with that driver.

If you have to purchase another modem in order to get caller id compatibility, you have to decide how much to spend based on how important caller id is to you. If you're just playing around, the Jaton WinCOMM V.92 may cost as little as $16 and will probably work quite well if your computer is reasonably fast and not overloaded. The Jaton WinCOMM V.92 is a winmodem.

You may be able to find caller-id-capable modems at a local tech store. Make sure you can return it if it doesn't work, since sometimes driver issues prevent caller id recognition. Also, some modem packages do not clearly state whether Type I or Type II caller id is supported. Ascendis Caller ID only supports Type I.

Hardware controller based modems cost more but do not depend on the computer for processing. I personally have not had good luck with internal hardware controller modems, and would recommend an external serial modem like the Zoom 3049C. This is usually available for around $70.

I should also mention that I'm referring to caller id support in the USA and parts of Canada. Caller id support in modems in other parts of the world is spotty.

Once you have a modem with working caller id support, you should be able to use Ascendis Caller ID. Some modems ship with incorrect configurations. Ascendis Caller ID's Repair Modem feature (Help menu, Diagnostics submenu) can often repair these. You can also turn off TAPI to bypass modem configuration issues altogether in Ascendis Caller ID's Options window (Devices page, modem properties window). If you have further problems please send a Technical Support Report (on the Help menu).

Finest regards,
Bill Root
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