ACIDMU beta version now available

Discussion of Ascendis Caller ID Multiuser BETA VERSION software only! This includes problem reports and general questions on the operation of new features of the BETA software.
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ACIDMU beta version now available

Post by Bill Root » Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:22 pm

Version includes the following changes from the previous release:

- added Notes column to columns available in Contact list
- fixed deleting contact with patterns
- fixed minor cosmetic issue on Windows in Action window, type Easy, Run Program page
- contact window: make label, phone description, and pattern description drop-downs taller automatically
- call window: make label drop-down taller automatically; sort labels

- fixed problem importing Action CSV files when they contain quoted strings in an advanced script
- support custom field names when importing from CSV (the field names must match the custom field names specified in settings, or be like 'Custom1')
- use custom field names when exporting to CSV
- fixed initialization of descriptions of new device lines
- added ability to disable specific device lines

- pick up changes to devices and device lines made in Console sooner (new devices still won't be handled until Server is restarted)

- on Windows: give option of starting Client automatically when user logs in
- on Windows: when launching programs at end of install, do it as a regular user

For a brief overview of ACIDMU, please see:

As always, bug reports and feedback are appreciated.

You can download the latest beta version from:

The beta page is available here:

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