Additional Voices for Ascendis Caller ID

The following voices are offered by unaffiliated companies, and Ascendis Software LLC has no financial interest in their sales.

Please listen to the demos or samples and decide for yourself which sound best.

Big Cepstral logo       US$10 - US$45 (each voice)

Cepstral offers a wide variety of voices supporting six languages. Trial versions of most voices are available through the Download button. When purchasing, please remember to choose the "Windows" version for use with Ascendis Caller ID.

Cepstral has a strict no refund policy. Please try the voices before purchasing.

Download Cepstral Trial Voices Buy Cepstral Voices Now! Cepstral Web Site

(Technical Note: These Cepstral voices are SAPI5 compatible and will only work with applications like Ascendis Caller ID that support SAPI5.)

Technical Details

Ascendis Caller ID works with voices that support Microsoft's Speech API version 5, otherwise known as SAPI5.