Caller ID Technical Support

We strive to make our products as straightforward and problem-free as possible. Even so, sometimes a problem escapes us, or something is still not as clear as it could be. To address these cases, we provide the following resources:

  1. If you have questions about Ascendis Caller ID buttons, menus, windows, or options, the answer can probably be found in the online help. This can be accessed from within Ascendis Caller ID by selecting "Help Topics" on the Help menu. Or, you can view it on this website.
  2. If you're experiencing unexpected behavior, the answer may be found in Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. If you want to know whether a feature was added or a bug was fixed, check the Change History.
  4. If your question is still not answered or you are experiencing some unexpected behavior, please submit a support request using our Support Request Form. We will try to help you as quickly as possible, usually within one or two business days.