TiVo Server

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Ascendis Caller ID contains a TiVo server that can be used to make call, contact, and action information available to TiVo Series2 devices with the Home Media Option.


To configure the TiVo server, see the appropriate Network Options or Advanced Network Options page.


The TiVo server includes a broadcast beacon that announces itself to all TiVo devices on your local network.  Your TiVo should automatically detect the Ascendis Caller ID server and show "Calls", "Contacts", and "Actions" in the "Music & Photos" section.  If it does not, you can manually add the server using the "Manually add a server..." option in TiVo.


The "Calls", "Contacts", and "Actions" options show the respective list.  You can drill down by selecting an item to see more details.



Why can't Ascendis Caller ID start the TiVo servers?

When Ascendis Caller ID can't start the TiVo servers, it will report errors like the following:

Could not start TiVo TCP connect server -- another application (maybe TiVo Beacon or another instance of Ascendis Caller ID) is already using the network port.

Could not start TiVo UDP connect server: Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use. (EIdCouldNotBindSocket)


Usually this is a result of the TiVo Desktop program being installed, but not the TiVo Beacon service.  To fix this, reinstall Ascendis Caller ID version or later and make sure the TiVo Beacon service component is selected in the installer.