Sample Scripts (DWS)

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Each of the following sample scripts can be copied into an existing (or new) Advanced Action script in Ascendis Caller ID.


Sample using if
Sample using CallInfo
Sample using all action commands
Sample using SendMail during specific days and times
Sample using COM object to pause music in iTunes
Sample using function library and $INCLUDE directive



To use a sample script:

1) Copy the sample script to the clipboard (select the script using the mouse, then select "Copy" on the Edit menu).

2) Create an action or edit an existing one

3) Make sure the Action type is "Advanced"

4) Click in the advanced script box

5) Paste the script from the clipboard (press CTRL+V)

6) Customize the script if needed

7) Click OK to save the changes to the action and close the window



You may find more information on specific script commands by browsing or searching the Ascendis Caller ID forums on our web site.