Changes from Version 1

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Ascendis Caller ID version 2 contains many changes from version 1.  Some of the more significant changes include:

oWindows Vista support
oKnown callers (those in the Callers List) are now called "Contacts"
oCategories are now called "Actions"
oEach contact's behavior is now always determined from its associated action (previously individual callers could have their action defined within the caller itself; now an action is required)
oContacts can have pictures
oContacts can have multiple phone numbers
oContacts can be matched by full and partial phone numbers and names
oContacts can have address information
oCalls and contacts have notes
oOutgoing calls are tracked when a Whozz Calling? device is used (except Whozz Calling? Lite devices)
oCall duration is tracked when a Whozz Calling? device is used (except Whozz Calling? Lite devices)
oCalls, contacts, and actions can be searched
oContacts, actions, and the calls report can be sorted and filtered
oThe Ascendis Caller ID Database can be backed up and restored to and from a single file
oMultiple calls and contacts can be selected
oThe display panel is HTML-based and can be customized
oSome actions have changed, and new actions have been added.  (Users upgrading from version 1 can add the new actions by importing "Standard Actions.xml", which was installed into the Ascendis Caller ID Program Files folder.  If you want to replace existing actions with standard ones with the same name, delete the existing actions first.  Before deleting existing actions, please export your actions in case you want to revert later.