ACIDMU beta version now available

Discussion of Ascendis Caller ID Multiuser BETA VERSION software only! This includes problem reports and general questions on the operation of new features of the BETA software.
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ACIDMU beta version now available

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ACIDMU beta version now available

Version includes the following changes from the previous release:

  • put names of toolbar icons under the icon by default (change using View menu -> "Toolbar Icons")
  • added "Message" column by default to Line Activity and Calls tabs (won't appear for existing installations; right-click a column header to change columns displayed)
  • replaced default "Call Ended" column with "Duration"
  • immediately show new lines in the Line Activity panel if a call is detected on one
  • added "Del" key as shortcut for deleting calls, contacts, categories, actions, sounds, locations
  • added commands to export and import contacts to and from VCARD files (on File menu)
Database Server:
  • only backup the database at startup when the Database Server has changed (previously we always backed up the database which slowed down startup)
  • enabled automatic database backups (currently these happen around 2 AM daily)
  • start up faster on Windows
  • fixed caller ID with USR5637 modem under Windows (voice probably won't work)
  • start up faster on Windows

For a brief overview of ACIDMU, please see:

As always, bug reports and feedback are appreciated.

You can download the latest beta version from: (Windows) or (Mac & Linux)

The beta page is available here:

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