ACIDMU beta version now available

Discussion of Ascendis Caller ID Multiuser BETA VERSION software only! This includes problem reports and general questions on the operation of new features of the BETA software.
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ACIDMU beta version now available

Post by Bill Root » Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:52 pm

Version includes the following changes from the previous release:

- show wait cursor when bringing up call notes window
- fixed problem with sendMail command where "From" was not specified
- added number-of-calls filtering to Calls panel
- added text filtering to Calls, Contacts, Actions, and Locations panels
- Call Notes window: enabled word wrap in note field
- Contact window: enabled word wrap in all multiline text fields
- Contact window: Label (on Extra page): fixed default labels; added corresponding setting
- Contact window: sort client and server actions in combo boxes
- Contact window: added preferred phone number (select radio button next to preferred number on Numbers page)
- Contacts panel: by default, only show the preferred phone number (one row per contact)
(set setting "ContactsPanel.ShowAllPhoneNumbers" to true to force old behavior)

- close database backup file after making backup
- offer to restore database if restore/startup fails but connection to database server works
- fixed potential problem with duplicate no-caller-information phone records after importing from ACID3
- fixed importing phone number display formats
- added "Apply Retroactively" button to Phone Format panels
- added test panel to Phone Format panels
- added command to import calls from CSV file (on File menu)
- added ContactLabels setting
- added ContactsPanel.ShowAllPhoneNumbers setting to force previous (and ACID3) behavior of showing contacts with all their phone numbers

- fixed problem with sendMail command where "From" was not specified

Database Server:
- use Derby version

For a brief overview of ACIDMU, please see:

As always, bug reports and feedback are appreciated.

You can download the latest beta version from:

The beta page is available here:

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