ACIDMU beta version now available

Discussion of Ascendis Caller ID Multiuser BETA VERSION software only! This includes problem reports and general questions on the operation of new features of the BETA software.
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ACIDMU beta version now available

Post by Bill Root » Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:32 pm

Version includes the following changes from the previous release:

- Contact window: autoselect first phone number and pattern
- Contact window: added splitter between phone number list and values for selected phone number
- Contact window: don't allow changing phone number -- delete and/or add phone number instead
(reflects that phone numbers are not changeable as they're used by contacts and calls)
- Contact window: fixed problems saving changes when other users have changed data
- added context menu for Line Activity panel table rows
- added commands to Line Activity toolbar
- fixed duplicate lookup commands on call context menu after database reconnect
- detect Contact changes from other clients and refresh
- fixed problem where database is mistakenly reported as disconnected

- fixed duplicate database location window when using "Select Database Server" command
- removed improper warning on cancel from "Select Database Server" command

- fixed problem where database is mistakenly reported as disconnected

For a brief overview of ACIDMU, please see:

As always, bug reports and feedback are appreciated.

You can download the latest beta version from:

The beta page is available here:

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