Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID has been released. This version contains many changes, including the following:
  • - added keep-alive messages to real-time clients
    - added scroll-wheel support to call, caller, and category lists
    - added speech rate setting
    - added auto-minimize setting
    - real-time server sends caller record to clients
    - perform action for callers with no caller information
    - dialing
    - phone number lookup
    - improved line sharing with other TAPI apps
    - right-click commands to copy call, caller, name, phone number to clipboard
    - support connecting to multiple Ascendis Caller ID servers
    - repair modem tool
This is only a partial list of changes. For the complete list, see the changes page:

All registered users can use the new version for free. Just install over your current version.

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The Ascendis Caller ID product page is here: