Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID has been released. This version contains many changes, the most significant being support for a new scripting language -- DWS (Delphi Web Script). This Pascal scripting language supports conditionals, loops, variables, procedures and functions. So, for example, you can now conditionally execute commands in an action based on the call time, the phone line on which the call was received, the caller's name, etc. The help file (which is also online) contains some sample scripts and details about the language. A good place to start learning about the language is here: ... nguage.php

The sample scripts can be found here: ... ts_dws.php

If there's a sample you'd like to see added, please ask.

A list of changes in this release can be found here:

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The Caller ID product page is here: