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Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID has been released. This version contains the following changes:

- disable access to Options window when a speech engine window is opened (fixes potential exception when accessing Options window while a speech engine window is open)
- don't warn on failure to speak during preload
- don't preload speech if sound is disabled
- don't reposition callers list after editing caller
- don't reposition calls list after editing caller from call
- Repair Modem window: connect Help to Help button
- support repairing modems currently open in non-TAPI mode (NOTE: repairing modems has no effect for access in non-TAPI mode)
- added following file functions to DWS scripts:
SaveStringToFile, LoadStringFromFile, AppendStringToFile, FileExists, DeleteFile, RenameFile, ChDir, CreateDir, RemoveDir, GetCurrentDir, SetCurrentDir, FileSearch, ExtractFileDrive, ExtractFileDir, ExtractFileName, ExtractFilePath, ExtractFileExt, ChangeFileExt (search for "File" in Help index for Help topic describing these functions)
- Show in Outlook: fixed problem matching numbers when caller id phone number includes a leading '1'
- fixed potential EIntOverflow exceptions when some events (such as a phone call) span the period when the Windows tick counter rolls over (this happens every 49.7 days that Windows has been running consecutively)
- fixed parsing of Whozz Calling? phone numbers when phone number contains embedded spaces
- fixed problem where changes to Whozz Calling? port number in Options window did not take effect until Ascendis Caller ID was restarted
- default "Reopen device when call ends" to OFF
- support multiple calls per line for TAPI devices
- improved Repair Modem behavior when modem communications fail
- improved distinction between modems and other TAPI devices (this is reflected in the modem menu items in the Diagnostics menu, at least)
- "Fast call refresh" is now properly supported on a per-device basis
- disable "Delete Older Calls" context menu item for calls grid when calls list is empty
- fixed bug with modems in non-TAPI mode where three calls with no more than about 10 seconds between rings of each other could be interpreted as two calls
- use faster memory manager
- log some unexpected TAPI parameters instead of Asserting
- detect caller information at call start, when available
- Options window: don't assert when right-clicking on Modems and TAPI Devices grid background
- Options window: don't show context menu for Whozz Calling? grid

All registered users can use the new version for free. Just install over your current version.

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The Ascendis Caller ID product page is here: