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Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID has been released. This version contains the following changes:

- added "How To" topics to help
- added Categories topic to Help
- Standard Categories topic in Help: include "Show or Add in ACT", "Show in Outlook"
- enable append-to-log for modem devices before opening via TAPI (ensures modem log and Technical Support Report will contain needed data)
- DeleteCall command: only decrement new calls counter once
- DeleteCall command: update Calls list appropriately
- fixed race condition for Ascendis Caller ID network servers (could cause exception)
- help: warn about settings not saved for speech customization
- fixed rare exception when accessing script (occurred during incoming call)
- added option to disable delete confirmation (in General page of Options window, under Confirmation)
- fixed problem where some Line Monitor messages weren't added once Line Monitor window was closed
- improved hangup performance with some voice modems
- added help on new DWS scripting functions
- added help on standard DWS string functions
- added "Show in Outlook" category
- Repair Modem now detects and configures modems that send phone number w/o "NMBR=" response
- support modems that send phone number w/o "NMBR=" response (only works in non-TAPI mode)
- Options window, Format page: don't let user select non-existing phone number formats file to import
- fixed problem when TAPI device is added while trial screen is up
- added BoolToStr, GetTickCount, GetRawNumber, PhoneNumbersMatch, GetCanonicalNumber functions to DWS scripting
- paint small notification window immediately to improve responsiveness
- paint main window immediately on call received to improve responsiveness
- paint large notification window immediately to improve responsiveness
- only hangup phone at end of script when picked up during the script and left off hook
- added some Line Monitor messages
- added 'Fake Local Call' option
- fixed problem where "Line" column could theoretically display wrong device information for calls received over network
- fixed bug where closing app using 'X' or system menu when configured to NOT use notification tray hid app but left it running
- disable close button on repair progress window
- restart Ascendis Caller ID to repair database to ensure it's not in use
- don't override other form's edit control shortcuts with main form's CTRL-C
- trap exceptions when writing to network log file
- TiVo server: use caller name as title for callers
- TiVo server: use last called date as item dates for callers
- TiVo server: use caller name as title for calls
- TiVo server: use call date as item dates for calls
- TiVo server: fixed problem displaying last call, caller, or category
- updated Device Options help
- made TiVo Beacon service optional during install
- include 100 lines of Activity Log in Technical Support Report
- include "Repair Modem" modem conversation in Activity Log
- install TiVo Beacon API so Ascendis Caller ID TiVo server can coexist with TiVo Desktop
- trap exceptions when showing speech dialogs
- always trigger caller id event the first time caller id info is received from Asterisk PBX
- ignore extraneous caller id messages from Asterisk PBX
- support sorting Calls and Callers on web pages
- don't assert when timing out call if call is not found
- don't timeout call while script for call is running
- trap more exceptions when making modem lists for Diagnostics submenus
- ignore phone number consisting of all question marks from a device if a previous phone number exists
- fix Technical Support Report with devices supporting multiple lines
- more robust device description handling
- ignore outgoing calls
- trap more Speech exceptions, especially SAPI4
- store window positions & sizes for each screen size used
- added "Delete Older Calls" to Calls list right-click menu
- include "Show or Add in ACT!" category
- added hidden Advanced button on Devices page of Options window to change PhoneSound timeout (hold down Control and Shift keys to see it)
- hide Settings button on Speech page of Options window when disabled (which is the norm for SAPI5 voices)
- gracefully stop PhoneSound when it exceeds limit (this includes playing a following sound properly)
- route PhoneSound through computer speakers when no call is in progress (such as when using "Test Action")
- enable "Reopen device on call end" by default
- warn on Easy Actions Play Sound and Speak pages if sound is disabled in Options window
- added Play button to Play Sound page of Easy Actions
- added Play button to Speak page of Easy Actions
- improved script error reporting
- automatically disconnect phone at end of script when connected (as happens if PhoneSound is used but phone is not hung up, or PhoneSound is used and error follows)
- default new category actions to Easy
- warn user when creating category with name that's already used
- RUN command (in Easy or Advanced scripting using original script language) no longer passes ';' if no program arguments are specified
- Script window no longer warns about losing changes when no changes were made
- allow lowercase and spaces within "//LANGUAGE=DWS"
- Added options for limiting Activity Log size (click Settings in the Activity Log window to change)
- Options window, Devices page: show uninstalled devices still marked as "Use" (now you can un-use them so they don't cause error messages)
- improved behavior when TAPI devices are added and removed while Ascendis Caller ID is running
- improved behavior when device we're accessing using COM port is removed or disabled
- stop Activity Log messages from repeating (as could happen under some error conditions)
- send Technical Support Reports through if possible
- added {LocalNumber} and {RawLocalNumber} macros which return phone number from exchange to end (that is, not including the area code or country code). These macros are dependent on appropriate phone number formats.
- added macro buttons to Options window for phone number and area code lookup URLs
- added "Send call to network clients" option to calls list context menu if Control key is held down (intended for testing)
- don't assume caller information is not coming if not received by second ring, as some modems report more rings than normal -- instead check for time since start of call when ring is detected
- added support for Whozz Calling? devices
- fixed problem getting Technical Support Report when a modem has been uninstalled
- support strange modems that report NMBR twice for some calls -- first with phone number, then with 'O' or "OUT OF AREA" (this only works when NOT in TAPI mode)
- added Device options: "Fast call refresh", "Reopen device when call ends"
- added Device Properties window, accessible from Device page of Options window
- fixed CallInfo.Time when testing actions
- include computer name in top level TiVo item titles
- fixed TiVo support for TiVos running system software version 7.x
- show progress when marking all calls as read
- real-time options: default "Get new calls first" to off
- polling options: default "Process first __ calls" to 3
- periodically update database lists when receiving calls via network polling (previously this may not have occurred until all calls were received, which could be a long time for large lists)
- added bytes sent and received statistics to Network Status window
- lengthened Category drop down on Edit Caller window
- fixed deleting all calls when network activity or incoming calls are accessing calls list
- combine two London phone number formats into one reflecting new area code 020
- reopen TAPI device if it rings w/o an associated call object
- support modems in serial mode (bypasses TAPI)
- when enumerating modems, only include those currently available through TAPI

All registered users can use the new version for free. Just install over your current version.

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The Ascendis Caller ID product page is here: