Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID has been released. This version contains the following changes:

- time out when attempting modem test and modem communications fail
- position cursor at error when running DWS script in script editor
- prompt when canceling changes in script editor
- removed possible but unlikely assertion failure when triggering caller action
- fixed problem where main window could appear restored on startup when it was supposed to be minimized, and refuse to minimize until tray icon was clicked
- shutdown gracefully if database cannot be found
- added LogActivity, SendMailFromFile, ShowMessage script commands
- Show in ACT! category: maximize ACT! if the caller was found
- Show in ACT! category: if phone number wasn't found in ACT! and it starts with a '1', lookup the number without the leading '1'
- hide "Enable TiVo Beacon" checkbox from Advanced Network Options, Web/TiVo Server page -- this is no longer used
- automatically hook into the TiVo Beacon service when available (this means Ascendis Caller ID's TiVo service can co-exist with TiVo Desktop version 1.3 and greater)
- fixed problem displaying callers via TiVo
- speed up Line Monitor and Network log auto-shortening
- fixed unusual Calls grid display update bug that only happened when window was a certain width
- added '' to server and Web/TiVo server combo boxes in Options window
- trap all exceptions when starting web or TiVo server
- added Delete All Calls, Delete All Categories menu items
- disable "Delete" for Callers and Categories if lists are empty
- uninstaller now removes registry entries if user okays it

All registered users can use the new version for free. Just install over your current version.

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The Ascendis Caller ID product page is here: