USRobotics 5639 USB Modem

Modem compatibility and configuration issues.
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USRobotics 5639 USB Modem

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Has anyone had successful operation using the US Robotics 5639 USB modem, Windows 10 and Ascendis software?
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Re: USRobotics 5639 USB Modem

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We have not tested this modem and reviews on Amazon and NewEgg suggest problems on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 in spite of USR's claims of support for those platforms.

However, one reviewer on said it works with "a caller ID application" on Windows 10.

Please note this is a soft modem which typically (but not always) means more problems than hard modems.

If you already have the modem and it's not working with Ascendis Caller ID, please try Help menu -> Diagnostics ->Repair Modem. If that doesn't fix it, install the latest drivers from USR's support page ... ?prod=5639 and repair the modem again if necessary.

If you don't have a modem yet, we recommend the Zoom 3095. We are still testing the AGPtek "USB 56K Voice Fax Data External V.90 V.92 Modem With Dual Ports" but it has worked in preliminary tests and another user reported success with it.

Finest regards,
Bill Root
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