Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID has been released. This version contains numerous changes from For a complete list, please see

Some highlights include:
  • added support for playing sounds over voice modems in direct mode (this allows PhoneSound use with Conexant modems like Zoom 3049C and Zoom 3095 in Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • automatically resize pictures when pasted or loaded into Contact window (pictures are resampled to a height of 200 pixels if larger unless "Autosize Images" is disabled on display panel context menu)
  • increased network client polling speed and responsiveness
  • increased network server polling speed
  • increased network logging speed
  • improved keyboard shortcuts (some added; some consistency changes)
  • added support for filtering phone numbers received from devices to remove unwanted digits (such as outgoing line selection) using phone number formats
  • added help for DWS date and time functions
  • added settings for sending contacts and actions to network clients
  • added setting for overwriting local actions when received from network servers
  • added ContactCallsMade, ContactCallsReceived, ContactFirstCalled, ContactLastCalled, PhoneCallsMade, PhoneCallsReceived, PhoneFirstCalled, PhoneLastCalled to CallInfo object
  • added "RunWait" and "PerformAction" commands to advanced DWS actions
  • added following advanced DWS action functions: AnsiSameStr, AnsiSameText, GetTempPath, GetAppFolder, FileExists, StartsWith, EndsWith, IPos, Contains, ContainsText
  • added Find function to Line Monitor, Activity Log, and Script Editor windows (press CTRL+F to access)
  • added support for raw caller id for modems when not using TAPI (check "Prefer raw caller id" in Device Properties window from Devices page of Options window)
  • modem repair: support repairing modems already open directly, open modem directly if TAPI open fails, added raw cid support, fixed MESG response generation when NMBR response <> "NMBR"
  • sped up Line Monitor processing when displayed and enabled
  • multiple improvements to modem handling in both TAPI and direct mode
  • Skype support improvements
  • allow use while actions are running (actions now run in separate threads)
  • fixed bug (race condition) with realtime network clients which could eventually prevent communications with clients and proper application shutdown
  • fixed problems importing contacts from CSV files (don't split first name or last name fields; fixed problem when LastName was the only name field provided)
This is a free upgrade for all version 2.0 users. For people using earlier versions, please see

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The Ascendis Caller ID product page is here: