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Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID has been released. This version contains the following changes from

- fixed distinctive ring detection with Whozz Calling? devices
- fixed outgoing call number reporting when dialing from within Ascendis Caller ID
- when double-clicking on deleted call in Calls Report list, show message instead of throwing exception
- fixed email column in calls list
- added context menu commands to copy email address and send email from calls list, call report, and contacts list
- added "Recompute Phone Statistics From Calls" command to File menu when control key is pressed while bringing down menu
- Calls report: fixed "Last Month" and "This Month" filters
- added call count (for Names column) and total duration to calls report (existing users may have to right-click on any column heading and choose "Footer" to make the footer visible)
- when repairing the database, set FirstCalled and LastCalled fields, for phone records where either is empty or zero, to the first or last call, respectively, from the phone number
- fixed problem importing calls from XML for phone numbers not assigned to contacts
- display panel: don't show 'from' before company when name is blank
- log message in Activity Log when database file is missing on startup
- fixed record count when exporting entire database
- don't report non-caller id call info events in Activity Log
- when matching TAPI devices to known devices, check TAPI ID and device name first, then device name, then TAPI ID (should improve behavior when an internal device is moved from one card slot to another)
- support ActionTypeName when importing Actions from CSV files
- support importing ActionName, CallsMade, CallsReceived, FirstCalled, LastCalled, RawName in Contacts CSV files
- added "Ignore outgoing calls" setting on the Advanced page of the Options window
- added Locations tab to main window
- added Off Hook Time setting to Advanced Device Properties window
- always enable "Advanced" button on Devices page of Options window
- fixed exception when toggling "New" status via grid for call in progress
- fixed potential action-not-found error when adding action and using in contact without restarting Ascendis Caller ID
- added advanced script command Volume to change volume for sounds and speech (overrides current volume settings in Options window, except "Disable sound")
- workaround improper TAPI configuration when formatting phone numbers
- fixed potential problem when hanging up phone using modem without TAPI
- fixed problem preventing proper startup when a faulty or unusually incompatible TAPI device is registered in Windows
- fixed problem importing CSV contacts when first name, last name, or company has changed
- fixed problem when importing XML contacts from machine with actions with same name but with different unique identifiers (happens if actions are created on two machines, or actions existed from version one and were converted independently)
- fixed help link in Start Menu group
- fixed problem where installing over version 1 with same Start Menu group name would result in no Start Menu group
- fixed problem importing XML contacts when same phone numbers were already in the database (symptom: contacts were imported w/o phone numbers)
- when installing over version 1, remove version 1 uninstall entry, desktop icon, and Start Menu items
- fixed potential exception when Windows runs without shutdown for 49.7 days
- fixed potential 'Could not find caller in the contacts list!' message when contact exists
- added auto import contacts option to overwrite existing contacts
- added setting to disable new device notification
- fixed New Calls display

This is a free upgrade for all version 2.0 users. For people using earlier versions, please see

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The Ascendis Caller ID product page is here: