Using a mobile phone modem

Modem compatibility and configuration issues.
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Using a mobile phone modem

Post by GraemeP »

Hi Bill,

As well as modems from my landlines, I also have a Nokia mobile phone permanently connected to my PC. (I use the Nokia software to manage the phone and sent SMS messages through the phone via the PC).

I have tried in the past to get CallerID to recognise the modem in the phone but with no success. I'm wondering if anyone has succeeded in this & if so what make/model of phone they have - I'm quite happy to change the phone if I can get this to work. I'm in the UK but I guess that's irrelevant in the case of mobiles.

Bill Root
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RE: Using a mobile phone modem

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Hi Graeme,

We have not investigated caller ID from mobile phones so I'm afraid I don't have any helpful information. If any of them or the associated software has a TAPI interface or emulates a dial-up modem, this may be possible.

Maybe another reader will have something more helpful to offer...

Finest regards,
Bill Root
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