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Ascendis Caller ID released

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Ascendis Caller ID has been released. This version contains the following changes:

- let user configure automatic positioning of small call display window (in Options window, Notification page)
- bring notification windows (small and large) to top without stealing focus
- fixed non-raw number handling ('Phone' or 'Number' fields) when importing callers from CSV files
- refresh notification popup faster when multiple calls are showing on Windows 2000
- fixed potential problem with notification tray icon not appearing when program is started during Windows startup
- fixed possible unreported call when Whozz Calling? device does not report end of call (could happen if device is reset or power cycled in the middle of a call)
- improved support for older Whozz Calling? devices
- fixed cleanup hangup at end of script when script picked up phone (using PhoneSound) but did not hang up (using HangUp)
- fixed potential focus problem when Backup Database is finished
- fixed focus problem when Options window is opened from tray icon and call comes in
- drop call when TAPI call state LINECALLSTATE_DISCONNECTED is received (may fix hangup problems for some modems)
- added limited filtering in web templates
- import callers: support "Raw Name" as alias for "RawName"
- handle date errors when parsing Whozz Calling? dates
- stop trying to reopen a device if open failed because device is no longer in TAPI device list (LINEERR_NODEVICE)
- fixed exception when TAPI device is added while Ascendis Caller ID is running
- fixed install bug where autolaunch might not work properly
- added option to suppress first ring for compatible Whozz Calling? devices
- when formatting phone numbers for display, strip existing formatting first (needed for phone companies that pass formatting in caller id number)
- when importing callers, don't strip formatting from RawNumbers (still strips formatting from non-raw phone numbers)
- don't strip formatting from raw phone numbers when creating a caller (needed for phone companies that pass formatting in caller id number)
- Options window, Notification page: show large notification window as "Large/adjustable window"
- large call notification window: indicate configuration mode in caption; enter configuration mode as soon as window is moved or resized (previously required right-click)
- display line in large call display notification window when 'Show "Line" column in Call list' is enabled
- added Auto Import Callers command (on File -> Import menu)
- don't log assertions in unusual SAPI4 case (where no voices are installed?)
- only warn once if a selected SAPI5 voice cannot be found
- ignore misconfigured SAPI5 voices (so speech still works)
- fix for potential exception when shutting down Ascendis Caller ID
- don't offer to repair modem unless it's in TAPI mode
- support hangup (call blocking) on Whozz Calling? 4 and 8
- fixed Registration Manager appearance when using Windows' large fonts
- fixed keyboard focus problem when offering to configure new device on startup
- added "Rebuild Devices List" to Diagnostics menu
- fixed problem preventing deletion of first external server in Options window, Network page, Client subpage
- recognize and report distinctive ring for Whozz Calling? devices (reported in line name). Enable "Distinctive ring" in Whozz Calling? options to use.
- support displaying multiple calls (on different lines) in notification tray popup at same time
- added support for modems that return multiple NMBR messages (non-TAPI mode only; set in device options)

All registered users can use the new version for free. Just install over your current version.

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The Ascendis Caller ID product page is here: