How about a "War Stories" Forum Category?

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How about a "War Stories" Forum Category?

Post by Ian »

Hello Bill,

I have been evaluating your marvellous Caller ID software (the version) for about 2 weeks now and I think it offers a lot of potential for helping one beat back all the scammers who call us everyday.

I would like to suggest that you consider creating a new forum category (under your Caller ID main heading) called something like "War Stories" or "User to User", etc. Such a forum could be used for relating to each other our experiences in using the product and tips for leveraging it to maximum advantage.

An example, in my case, is that I successfully "zapped" my first scammer the other day (playing back the SIT tones and then hanging up the line) from a known troublesome area code. What happened though, is that he immediately called back (within 3 minutes) from a different (not previously identified) area code to "verify" my phone number and I was unable to "zap" the 2nd call. Consequently, I don't think he "believes" my number is really out of service, and I doubt he's going to actually remove it from his database.

I can think of other user-to-user feedback that could be posted in such a forum category as well, such as references to telephone number lookup sites (,, etc.), and tips for creating rules in the Ascendis software that would be more iron clad to start out than what I've been able to create in 2 weeks of trial & error usage.

Bill Root
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Re: How about a "War Stories" Forum Category?

Post by Bill Root »

Hello Ian,

That sounds like a good idea! I preferred your "User to User" suggestion and used it for a new forum category:

Unrelatedly, I suggest trying the current beta version of Ascendis Caller ID. It contains several fixes and improvements that are not yet in an official release. The beta page is at:

Finest regards,
Bill Root
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