Built-in Answering Machine

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Built-in Answering Machine

Post by greghh »

Someday it would be nice to have an answering system built into Ascendis. That would eliminate having to use an external answering machine.

Just wishin'....

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Re: Built-in Answering Machine

Post by Bill Root »

Thank you for your suggestion. I have your vote on the requested features list.

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Post by bwm »

Though the answering machine feature seems to be an old request without much activity, I'll 2nd it, even though I might still use a separate answering machine. This would let me white-list folks to ring through to my regular answering machine, grey-list numbers who are new or repeat calling to give them an opportunity to leave a message on the ascendis answering machine, and of course black list numbers to dump them (as can be done now).

If this reaches implementation it would also be useful if messages could be kept on a per-number/per contact basis rather than aggregated in a single place so you could select the number/contact you want to hear messages from, be able to play custom messages based on number/contact, have an indicator in the call record (or a new 'new messages' report/blinking tray icon) to show whether an answer was left that has not been listened to, silence detection so you don't record a message when there really isn't anything there, date/time stamping of messages, and for icing on the cake, a record option to start recording both sides of an active conversation.

Something to think about when you have some spare time :wink:

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