Annoucement Test

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Annoucement Test

Post by AReed »

Am not sure if this would be a new feature, it maybe present in the advance features. Anyway can you have Ascendis announce the time at certain hours.

My plan is to have the computer in basement and run speakers to upstairs , then have all the ringers turned off the phones. Ascendis will then be my only method of knowing if I get an incoming call. Since the computer is in the basement it may stop working and I may miss a few calls. If it annouces top of the hour, or certain hours then I know it's at least working.


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Re: Annoucement Test

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Hello AReed,

Thank you for your suggestion. Ascendis Caller ID cannot currently do this, but I can see how it would be useful. I added it to the requested features list.

Finest regards,
Bill Root
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