{ring count} variable?

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{ring count} variable?

Post by Federiken »

Hello there. I'd like to know if there's such a variable: I'm sending calls to my mobile and I'd like to know how many times the phone rang, so I can guess wheter the call was answered or not (I've set the answering machine on the 6th ring). The Ring Count shows on the screen, but I couldn't figure out a way to send it to an external application/email. (I'm using
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Re: {ring count} variable?

Post by Bill Root »

Hi Fed,

In Easy and Advanced actions using the original script language, the {Rings} macro returns the number of rings. In Advanced actions using DWS, use CallInfo.Rings instead.

However, actions are normally performed when the caller information is received, which is between the first and second ring in the US, and before the first ring in some countries. That means the number of rings returned will always be the same.

You can change when actions are run in the "Perform Action" section of the General page in the Options window. If you select "When call ends" instead of "When caller info is received" then the action can accurately report the number of rings, although the caller won't be announced in time to answer the call. This is fine for some people who just use the popup (and not audible) notification. You can leave both checked, but then the action will be run twice. If you want do different things depending on when the action is called, use CallInfo.CallDone from an Advanced action using DWS.

If you need more information or an example, please let me know.

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