On First Ring

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On First Ring

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would be nice to have an perform action available called "On first ring".
Reason for this is I have wireless speakers setup though out the house that need to be "woken up" by a sound playing on the server computer.

currently I have to play a couple of short wave files so that the remote speakers are active before speaking the callers name.

With an "On first ring" (before caller Id info is received) perform action the first ring would play the sound file and by the time Ascendis Caller ID receives the caller info to speak the speakers would already be activated.

This would allow speaking of the caller info at the time it is received. :D

Bill Root
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Re: On First Ring

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Thank you for the suggestion. I added it to the requested features list. For now, you can use the "Category for rings" option on the General page of the Options window. First create a new category (maybe named 'Ring Once'), select Advanced as the action type, and paste in this code:

Code: Select all

if CallInfo.Rings < 2 then
  Sound&#40;'Ring &#40;quiet&#41;.wav'&#41;;
Click OK to close the Edit Category window. Specify the new category for "Category for rings" in the Options window.

The script will run every time the phone rings, but the sound will only play the first time. You can replace the sound file name with whatever you like.

This should do what you need. If not, let me know!

Finest regards,
Bill Root
Ascendis Software

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