Bellcore & ETSI compatibility standards for the CalleID

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Bellcore & ETSI compatibility standards for the CalleID

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I've been testing your program, and it doesn't work here in MEXICO. The resason is, that here we don't use the BEllcore standar; we use here the ETSI standard.
Is there anyway ascendis caller id program could be modified to work for both standars, or at least for ETSI standard?

We have been working on that, and we've seen there are a lot of hardware (telephones, devices, etc) which can work properly for both standards, but there is absolutly no program on the net (freeware, shareware, or even one which can be pay for) which can provide the PC the ability of Caller-ID for here in Mexico.

Thanks for your time.

Bernardo Ram?rez

Bill Root
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Re: Bellcore & ETSI compatibility standards for Caller I

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Hello Bernardo,

Ascendis Caller ID doesn't decode the caller id signals -- it relies on the modem (or other TAPI device) to do this. This means that it should work with any modem or other TAPI device that supports the ETSI standard. If you have one of these and Ascendis Caller ID does not work even after trying the Repair Modem function (Help menu, Diagnostics, Repair Modem) then please send a Technical Support Report and we'll try to figure out the problem:

To send a Technical Support Report:
1) Start Ascendis Caller ID if it is not already running
2) Wait for a call to come in
3) Let the phone ring at least 3 times
4) Open the Technical Support Report by selecting "Technical Support Report" on the "Help" menu
5) Click the "Send" button to open the report for sending in your email program

If "Send" does not work for your email program:
6) Click the "Copy" button in the Technical Support Report window
7) Paste the clipboard into an email, using CTRL-V or Edit -> Paste
8) Send the email to support at ascendis dot com

You can also try the modem in HyperTerminal to see whether it handles the caller id signals: ... l_test.php

If you have a modem or other TAPI device that supports the ETSI standard, it might be helpful to other users if you could mention it here.

Finest regards,
Bill Root
Ascendis Software

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