Dialing out to send message?

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Dialing out to send message?

Post by Frostye2 »

Okay Bill, here's a feature for parents and business professionals?

How about a timed subscript that allows Ascendis to dial out at a certain time to my kids pager or a cell phone to tell them it's time to be home from their date?

A great solution to a scheduling conflict when I am unable to make the call(s) myself. It would also be nice to have this feature be able to call me out of a meeting I am in, that is running over time and so I do not have to pay a secretary to do this for me... wasting her time from doing something else.


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Re: Dialing out to send message?

Post by Bill Root »

Hello Frostye,

Thank you for your suggestion. That's an interesting idea, one that might deserve its own separate application. I added it to the requested features list for future consideration.

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