Ascendis Caller ID beta version now available

Discussion of Ascendis Caller ID 4 BETA VERSION software only! This includes problem reports and general questions on the operation of new features of the BETA software.
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Ascendis Caller ID beta version now available

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The most significant change is the addition of a "Junk" button in the notification-only windows with the ability to junk a call in progress. This may be the easiest way to junk new unwanted calls.

The notification-only windows include other changes to improve them and increase consistency among them.

Also, a "Restore Initial Database" command was added to the new "Tools" menu.

For a complete list of changes, see below.

This version can coexist with version 3, with the following caveats:

We don't recommend running Ascendis Caller ID version 3 and version 4 at the same time. Besides the obvious confusion, in many cases only one program can access the modem or Whozz Calling? device at once.
If you later decide to uninstall Ascendis Caller ID version 3, don't delete the data. You will be prompted during uninstall whether to keep or delete the data. If you delete the data, it will delete the data for all versions of Ascendis Caller ID. This does not happen with the version 4 uninstaller, but it's better to be safe and never delete the data, or back it up first. The data is normally stored in C:\ProgramData\Ascendis Software\Ascendis Caller ID.

In spite of the caveats, it makes sense to keep version 3 around while trying out version 4, but you probably won't be able to run both of them at the same time. The version 4 installer disables version 3 autolaunch.

Version 4 will offer to copy the data and settings from version 3 when first launched, if version 3 is installed.

Version includes the following changes from the previous beta release:
  • added 'Apply' button to notification-only windows' font window
  • show warning about ignored font features when showing notification-only windows' font window
  • added right-click command to notification-only windows to show or hide buttons (this is a shortcut for Options|Notifications|'Show..buttons' checkbox)
  • all notification-only windows: added ability to copy street, mailing address, and all displayed data to clipboard (right-click on window for menu)
  • small notification window: added ability to change color, font & transparency (right-click on window for menu)
  • don't try to determine whether non-Lite Whozz Calling? devices can hangup — this can (no longer?) be done accurately and if program is terminated during configuration device could conceivably be left in block-all-calls mode
  • moved Rebuild Calls Report and Repair Database to new Tools menu
  • added Junk/Unjunk buttons to notification-only windows as appropriate when buttons are enabled on them — Junk can be used while the call is in progress to block calls from new callers as they come in
  • allow showing buttons on all three notification-only window types
  • Options window: show a warning when changing the font, especially the implications with respect to separately specified fonts (display panel, incoming & outgoing calls)
  • use the configured program font for the display panel if the former is configured and the latter is not
  • fixed problem with tall, narrow, empty error message windows when using very large fonts (large fonts didn't trigger errors, but if an error message was shown, the text was missing)
  • fixed problem where choosing a very large font in the Options window would not use the font effectively in the main window until Ascendis Caller ID was restarted
  • fixed problems showing an already running instance by starting a new instance (usually by double-clicking an icon on the desktop or selecting it from the Start menu)
  • when showing a window, make sure it's big enough to be visible
  • cleanup better when Windows is shutting down or restarting
  • added local IP address(es) to Technical Support Report
  • when showing windows, keep them on the screen (this should only be a factor when someone moves a window offscreen, or the screen resolution or monitors are changed)
  • fixed problem where Options:Notification:"Bring main window to top" could result in main window remaining on top until minimized or program is restarted
  • added command to restore the initial database (Tools menu)
  • try more things to convince Windows to bring app window to top when so configured (NOTE: Windows does not want applications to do this so it may not be possible to make it work all the time)
As always, bug reports and feedback are appreciated.

You can download this version here:

The beta page is available here:
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