Ascendis Caller ID beta version now available

Discussion of Ascendis Caller ID 3 BETA VERSION software only! This includes problem reports and general questions on the operation of new features of the BETA software.
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Ascendis Caller ID beta version now available

Post by Bill Root » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:07 pm

Version includes the following changes from the previous release:

- fixed problem where an outgoing phone call would erase the name for a non-contact phone number (probably only happened with Whozz Calling? devices that track outgoing calls)
- Rebuild Phones command: added functionality to fix previously blanked names (to use this command, press and hold the Control and Shift keys while selecting "Rebuild Phones" on the "File" menu. You can release the keys once the "Rebuilding Phones" progress window appears.)
- fixed exceptions when restoring or repairing a database that refers to devices that are unknown or are no longer known

As always, bug reports and feedback are appreciated.

You can download this version here:

The beta page is available here:

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