How to "Zap" a Call

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How to "Zap" a Call

Post by Ian » Thu Dec 20, 2007 2:18 pm

Ascendis Caller ID comes with a special file called "Disconnect Tones.wav" that you can incorporate into a custom action to "zap" a phone call. This file contains what are called "Special Information Tones" that are interpreted by telephony equipment as meaning "the line is disconnected".

Unfortunately, none of the supplied actions in this version of the program make use of this capability to "zap" an unwanted caller (as far as I can tell). It is my hope that a later release of the software will incorporate the following action, which I've created based on comments I read in another forum post.

The reason I am reposting is that I find the syntax has changed since the original post from December 2004; here's what works for me now:

Create the Missing "Zap" Action

1. Click the Actions tab.
2. Right-click somewhere in the Actions list and choose New Action from the pop-up menu.
3. Call your new action "Zap" and then click the Advanced radio button.
4. Copy & paste the following code snippet into the editor window.

Code: Select all

phonesound "Disconnect Tones.wav";
speak "Zapping {Number}";
LogActivity "Zapped {Name} at {Number}";
5. Click "OK"

Now that you have your "Zap" action, you can go to the Contacts list and associate it with each unwanted caller. I will not bother to give the step by step for this part...

Happy to receive your feedback...

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Post by dah » Wed Feb 27, 2008 9:36 am

Great Info Ian thank you for sharing this with us Ian.

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