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Ascendis Caller ID version 3 contains many changes from the previous release, version


New Features/Options/Commands

added composite devices
added automatic backups (on by default; see File -> "Auto Backup Database..." for configuration)
added "Speak Name" and "Speak Name and Number" actions (these will only appear for new installations; if you want to add these simple actions to an existing installation, import "Standard Actions.xml" from the Program Files folder using File -> Import -> Actions)
includes US area codes in Locations list (existing customers can import "US Area Code Locations.xml" from the Ascendis Caller ID Program Files folder)
added DWS script functions GetDataFolder, SpeakWait (waits for speech to finish before returning), ContactCount, PhoneCount
added "All users share same settings" option in Options window, Advanced page (when checked, settings are stored in common ini file)
added mute toolbar button (duplicates functionality of "Disable sound (including speech) in all actions" checkbox on Sound page of Options window)
now uses current system window title font by default (note that in some windows a smaller size of the selected font will be used if the selected size is too big for the window)
added program font setting (Options window, General page) (with same size limitations as above)
in Options -> Devices -> Whozz Calling? -> "Enable Whozz Calling? device on:", added option to scan for more serial ports (initially only 16 serial ports are scanned)
added "Notes" column to available columns in the contacts list
added "Find in Contacts" command to call list and call report right-click menus
added "Dial Phone" toolbar button for Call list, Call Report, and Contact list
added "Perform Action" to call context menu
added Print button to Find windows
added INCLUDE_ACTION directive to DWS scripts
added HTML call notification window (select in Options window, Notification page; right-click on notification window (use Preview if desired) for configuration options) (NOTE: this uses a built-in HTML control, and not the Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or other browser engine.  JavaScript is not supported, and CSS support is limited.)
added CallInfo fields PictureHeight, PictureWidth
added script commands GetSettingBool, GetSettingStr
reopen devices when resuming after sleep
update call duration in calls list during call (for Whozz Calling? and other devices that track call duration)
added option to only display contact window for known contacts when "Open contact window for each call" is enabled in Options/Notification
network log: added line separator commands to button bar context menu
added "Calls for this Contact" and "Calls for this Number" reports (right-click on call or contact in Calls, Calls Report, and Contact lists to access)




"Repair Database" command now optimizes database too
added commands to import version 1 settings and version 2 settings and database (these appear in File -> Import menu when an existing version 1 or version 2 installation is detected; to import an arbitrary version 1 database, hold down the CONTROL key while bringing up the Import menu; to import an arbitrary version 2 database use the "Restore Database" command)
don't let user select a Ring action that hangs up
warn user when choosing a Ring action other than "Ring" or "Do Nothing"
increased default size of Line Monitor window
improved handling of unexpected TAPI error codes
new actions now use {SpeakName} instead of {Name} in default speak text
"Empty Database.ciddb" is now literally empty -- no records exist in any of the lists
now installs "Initial Database.ciddb" into Ascendis Caller ID Program Files folder -- this contains the database as it appears on first install
the "Default" action now speaks the phone number only if the caller is not a contact and the number is not the same as the name (this change will only appear for new installations)
trap errors during database updates and restore database
default to XML file type in export dialogs
added option to disable Whozz Calling? device memory call download (in Options window, Devices page, Whozz Calling? subpage, Options)
support importing Locations from XML files
support overwriting Locations when importing from XML files (hold down CONTROL key when selecting Import -> Locations command)
added CountryCode column to Locations table (this allows locations for multiple countries in the same Locations list)
Location window: widened latitude and longitude fields; use spin edit for timezone
contacts window: increased drop down height of Label combo box on Extras page
gracefully handle problems writing to line monitor log
activation codes replace registrations and one code supports multiple phone lines
reduced period of time after user interacts with call list during which program will not automatically select new call from 10 seconds to 3
improved Whozz Calling? initialization when device is busy when Ascendis Caller ID starts
Whozz Calling 2: erase memory while downloaded calls are being processed
automatically disable detail mode for Whozz Calling? devices reporting too many on-hook messages (as can happen when too many phone devices are connected while device is using voltage detection)
trap and report exceptions when exporting
show hourglass cursor when rebuilding contacts list
added message type descriptor to Activity Log entries
minor changes to "Item Toolbar" items' visibility / state / position for consistency
"Show or Add in Outlook" action now specifies CompanyName field in Outlook contact and files phone number according to the phone number description in the Ascendis Caller ID contact if one exists (to add the new Outlook actions to an existing database, hold down the CONTROL key while selecting File -> Import -> Actions, then choose the "Outlook Actions.xml" file in the Ascendis Caller ID program folder)
gracefully handle modems that return unexpected voice compressor syntax (like MultiTech Systems MT5634ZPX-PCI)
use display name in popup notification window instead of first name + last name
improved outgoing call information detection for TAPI devices
doubled amount of Line Monitor data kept while running
made Status page the default page when showing the Network form
increased default modem call timeout to 30 seconds in direct mode (this can avoid phantom "No Caller Information" call after valid caller id capture on slow systems; we recommend direct-mode modem users increase the value manually since the new default won't override existing settings)
use configured modem call timeout in direct mode
Options window, Network page, Web/TiVo server sub-page: disable web root controls unless web server is enabled; added help clarifying web root setting
Outlook actions now look for caller in contact folder and subfolders
Edit Action window: select all text in script memo (Advanced actions) when CTRL+A is pressed in it
when deleting a contact, use display name, first name + last name, or company in confirmation as needed
made script function "CallCount" thread safe
default to '' in network settings server bind addresses
log messages when a second instance is started
added date format info to Technical Support Report
track and note changes in date format in Activity Log
reduce font size of progress bar in status bar (used for report progress) to better fit some displays
don't change the display panel to show an outgoing call if an incoming call is in progress
don't change the display panel to a different existing call when the status of the call changes
Rebuild Phones command: filter non-numeric characters from phone numbers not containing letters as is done when calls are first received (the Rebuild Phones command is normally hidden; to see it hold down the control and shift keys while clicking the File menu)
dynamically widen "active calls" pane of status bar if needed



Bug Fixes

fixed problem importing version 1 database
fixed potential exception on some machines when printing call notes
fixed rare exception on some machines when using the Run command in actions
fixed problem where minimizing display panel all the way and then exiting Ascendis Caller ID prevented the display panel from being restored
trap TAPI error when getting system's country code and default to "1"
when a contact is deleted, recompute the name fields for the phone numbers assigned to the contact from the raw caller id name (as would happen when the call is first received) -- fixes problem with names "sticking" to a phone number after a contact is deleted
fixed race condition with scripts that could cause logged errors
when tray icon is clicked while Options window or another modal window is open, bring app to foreground and appropriate window to front
don't use or free database accessors created from main thread while executing scripts (fixes potential exceptions)
fixed problem with some modems under TAPI when they only report the phone number which, within certain timing constraints, could result in a call being reported as two calls, one with correct phone number and one unknown
fixed EOverflow exception when speaking through USB sound device for one user
fixed potential problem with configured volume not respected around speech
fixed problem downloading Whozz Calling? 2 memory calls when number of calls in memory was more than system could process fast enough
trap and log exceptions when repositioning contacts list after changing a contact (rare, but one user encountered it)
fixed potential exception when deleting all contacts
fixed exception when deleting last (or all) calls
Repair Database command: fixed handling of two phone records that resolve to the same "match" phone number
Delete Duplicate Calls command: ignore milliseconds when comparing calls -- this fixes problem where calls imported from exported files (which don't include milliseconds) were not recognized as duplicates
fixed potential startup problem (reported by one user)
fixed bug where an action that deleted a call could try to delete the call more than once, although subsequent attempts would fail
fixed problem where dates in grids were occasionally displayed in wrong format
fixed exception when editing, changing, and saving a contact while viewing the contact list
fixed polling case with multiple calls from same phone number where phone number already existed on client
trap exceptions when getting window handle to bring app to top on new call
hide many context menu items when multiple calls or contacts are selected
fix for problems displaying images in display panel on some systems
attempted fix for rare exception on shutdown when using YAC
reduced possibility of modem call timing out in direct mode because modem message had been received but not yet processed (resulting in a single call being interpreted as two calls)
fixed problem where system dialogs (font, color, etc) could be hidden behind other windows when switching back to Ascendis Caller ID or when call is received
fixed bug where COM methods in advanced scripts could fail because COM library wasn't initialized
fixed problem deleting data files in uninstaller when requested to do so
don't used cached web page if html template was subsequently modified
fixed problem printing single call
trap rare exceptions when displaying a message and attempt to display using alternate methods



For changes from previous versions, please see Changes from Version 1.